Smart Farming

What is “Smart Farming”?

It is the application of modern technology such as laptops, smartphones and apps in agriculture.

This includes the adoption of a growing range of Agri-tech solutions that are coming onto the market.

These are not currently accessible to small farmers due to financial constraints and a lack of local producer groups which can help them access, resources training and skills.

Making farms SMART to meet farmer’s needs

Smart Farm India supports farmers in using new technologies to increase crop yields and reduce post harvest losses.

Jeevika and its partners work directly with farmers to tackle all the challenges they are facing from lack of technical training to difficulties in accessing markets or obtaining finance for investment.

This comprehensive support for farmers helps deliver sustainable livelihoods mitigating the increasing pressures of climate change and bringing social and economic security to rural communities.

Technology as if people mattered

Smart Farm India uses technology that can provide cost-effective solutions to the real problems facing individual farming communities in India.

Current projects under development include:

  • Innovative low-cost solar refrigeration units to help small farmers’ and fishing communities reduce wastage and access higher value markets.
  • Trialing low-cost greenhouses which reduces scarce inputs such as water and increases yields, whilst improving resilience to climate change.
  • Linking farmers with digital (app based) and other remote solutionsfor advice, market access, weather forecasting and pest control.
  • Promoting the development of local farmers producer groups to provide training and technical expertise to give better access to markets and fair market prices.
  • Building an effective Smart Farm network aimed at validating and linking new ideas and skills by working closely with NGOs, businesses, universities and government bodies.
  • Seeking out and helping to scale the best Smart Farm `open innovation solutions’.

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