Smart Farm Network

Jeevika is developing a Smart Farm Network by researching, mapping and analysing existing smart farm solutions from within India and across the world. The aim is to evolve strategies which will overcome the many barriers faced by small farmers in accessing the most appropriate agricultural technologies. To date we have organized several webinars, undertaken specific pieces of research, and drawn together effective project delivery teams.

The main aims of our network:

  • Sharing specialist knowledge and ideas, from universities, NGO’s, companies, international bodies, and government agencies.
  • Bridging the gaps in small farmers access to technologies created by the socio-economic constraints faced by remote rural communities.
  • Addressing the geographical barriers faced by remote rural communities who are not benefitting from CSR, government and/or other agri-tech programmes.
  • Influencing policy makers to improve the delivery of government, NGO and Corporate support programmes
  • Addressing the long-term impact of Covid on rural poverty